What started with two sisters and a pair of brightly coloured leggings has become so much bigger than just a small side hustle. It’s become a big dream realised, a fiercely feminine rallying cry, calling on each and every woman to put on their Positive Pants– literally, figuratively, mentally and emotionally – every darn day in the ways that matter most, to them.

Sure, we make a great pair of leggings and a fab leisurewear set but, like every single woman, there’s so much more to us than what meets the eye.

It’s not just a bold print or a bright colour, it’s a “You've got this!” reminder to dream boldly and never dim your light. It’s not just a super soft fabric, it’s the comforting voice of a big sister that says, “You can do hard things.”It’s more than a perfect fit, it’s the positive affirmation pinned permanently to your sub-conscious that reads: You weren’t born to fit in,  you were made to stand out.

Positive Pants is a community, a place where positive vibes are always in style and everybody is invited. We’re about standing up for the women in our orbit and showing up for ourselves, our families and our communities. We’re not stereotypes, we’re role models. We’re into collaboration, not competition, self-love, not self-doubt. 

You see, we’re not about selling a product, we’re about empowering women, like you, not to sell yourself short. So, here’s to getting out of your own way, to loving yourself in all your positively one-of-a-kind glory and giving the women watching you the positive push they need to do the same.


Meet Monie and Roxie, sisters from birth, besties by choice. This dynamic duo from Sunny South Africa are on a mission to change the world by painting it in colour and positivity through two of their most favourite things, fashion and fitness.
With only a 3 year age gap, being ever so similar but also nothing alike … they realized from a very young age how powerful they could be if they combined their individual strengths to form a formidable force. With a burning passion to do something great together with the determination to succeed - they identified an opportunity to bring some life into leggings and athleisure through bright colours, bold prints and spreading the true spirit of sisterhood.


To be an inclusive brand that uplifts our sisterhood through the power of self-love, confidence and positivity, instilling a sense of community brought together by the ingredients of a happy life: authenticity, the right mindset and, of course, a pair of Positive Pants.


We strive to offer our customers the best quality designs in prints and patterns that complement their bright, bold, vibrant personalities and make them want to put on their positive pants – literally and figuratively – every day.


As a positively unique company, our logo – comprised of the lotus flowerand honey bee, encapsulates everything that our brand standsfor and everything the women in our Sisterhood of Positive Pants epitomise.


Our sisterhood and the lotus flower have boldness, independence and bravery in common. Known as the flower of life, the lotus flower is symbolic of purity, growth and determination. The lotus flower emerges from murky waters and harsh conditions, beautiful and graceful. Just as our strong, independent sisters come out on the other side of life’s challenging moments stronger than ever before.Our lotus flower is a reminder, to the women who see it,tokeep perseveringwhen faced with life’s challenges.


The honey bee is symbolic of the spirit of our sisterhood,a community of women who work together to support, love, uplift and guide each other by sharing opportunities, drawing from our collective resilience and relentless work ethic to succeed, together.We know what it means to hustle (and how to make it look good) but in amongst all the hustle and bustle, our sisterhood never forgets the importance of fun, family and friends – always making time, on the road to success, to stop and smell the roses.


The result of the combination of the beauty and resilienceof the lotus flower and the dedicated, collaborative and community-centered values of the honey bee, is more than a distinctive logo and embodiment of our brand, it’s us literally and figuratively wearing our hearts on our sleeves, leggings and leisurewear.

Every time our sisterhood sees (and wears) our logo, we want them to feel empowered, supported and loved, confident in the knowledge that they are infinitely capable of achieving anything that they set their minds to. And that the Sisterhood of Positive Pants is right there with them, in spirit, cheering them along, every step of the way.

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